Welcome at the Plaza Hotel::
The most convenient hotel for your stay is located in downtown san José right in central avenue, now turned into a boulevard , between 2nd and 4th street, transited by thousands of tourists an Costa Ricans, is right there waiting for your visit.

Our mission is focused entirely to costumer service, no matter if you’re here for business or pleasure, we can make you feel like home, Our guest, insider or foreigner will be treated like family .Hotel Plaza is right in the heart of San José, that aloud you to visit important places such as museums, art galleries, banks, drugstores, theaters, supermarkets, etc.


We have been working for you for the last 40 years, improving and fulfilling your needs. All of our stuff is bilingual and will be glad to give you all information you request.


We offer you 40 rooms; we have single, double and triple occupancies.

Thank you for being visitor number